Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

Today the topic is "Top Ten Auto-buy Authors". This week's topic is a little bit difficult for me just because I tend to get a lot of books from the library and I don't own any books written by some of my favorite authors...yet. So this list is going to include auto-read authors and authors that I really want to read more books of.

J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith 
I love this woman. My sister had to convince me to read the first “Harry Potter” book…I am so grateful to her. I’ve also read “The Casual Vacancy” and really liked it. I have yet to read “Cormoran Strike” series but I’m sure I’ll love them, too.

Patrick Ness
I bought “The Knife of Never Letting Go” because the first sentence of the book was brilliant. It was the strangest one to start a book with…so I was intrigued. After reading the book I was so hooked. Since then I’m buying every book that comes out.

George R.R. Martin 
I love “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. All of the books are really well written with a lot of deaths and unexpected twists in them. I’m really interested in reading some of his other works.

Peter V. Brett
His “Demon Cycle” series - brilliant. I’m really looking forward to finishing them. I actually took the first book in the series from the library and before finishing it I went to buy all of them…that's how much I loved it...

David Dalglish
I’ve recently read the first three books in “Shadowdance” series and I really like his writing style. I will definitely read some more of his books.

Jojo Moyes
I love all of her books that I’ve read. They are all kind of sad, but I love heartbreaking books. I haven’t read all of her books yet but I really want to.

Philippa Gregory 
I have yet to read the last book in “The Cousins' War” series but I love her writing style so much. I’m looking forward to reading some more of her books.

Jodi Picoult
Again, I haven’t read all of her books, but I really want to because all of the books I’ve read so far made me cry…which I like.

Miroslav Penkov
This is a Bulgarian author. I’ve read one of his books with short stories and I loved it. I really want to read some more of his works.

Rosamund Lupton
I’ve read two out of her three books and I really loved them. She writes mystery novels and I love mysteries. The last book she wrote came out last month and I’m looking forward to reading it.

So, those were my top ten auto-read authors. Tell me what you think about my picks in the comments and if you have a blog post about this topic share a link and I'll be happy to read it :)


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