Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Traveling Thursdays: Book That Deals With A War

The Book Traveling Thursdays meme is created by Danielle at Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia at TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch. Every week you choose a book for your blog post that fits the weekly theme (which you can find in the Goodreads group), you share why you chose that book and finally post picture of the original cover, the covers from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover.

This week’s topic is dedicated to the World Peace Day and we have to pick a book, that deals with a war...and I have a lot to choose from, since most of my reads are either fantasy, or historical-fiction/historical-romance. Even some of my contemporary reads deal with a war...

My pick is going to be one of my favorite historical-fiction books - "The Lady of the Rivers" ("The Cousins' War" #3) by Philippa Gregory. I love all of the books in the series but I'm choosing it, because it's the first one, if a person chooses to read this series in chronological order (as I did).

Original Cover:
I really like this cover. The font of the title and the color scheme are just perfect for this book.

Bulgarian Cover: 
It's not my favorite cover, but I don't hate it.

Favorite Covers:
               1) Norwegian                             2) Lithuanian

The Norwegian and the Lithuanian covers are my definite favorites! I mean, look at those gorgeous dresses...

Least Favorite Covers:
                   1) Portuguese                                2) Romanian                                     3) Serbian

Let's start with the Portuguese cover - it could have been perfect, if there wasn't a face on it. Good job, publishers, you've ruined it!!! The Romanian cover with this boring white background and the horrifically-looking woman on it - it's a definite no-no. As for the Serbian cover - I really hate brown...

If you have a Book Traveling Thursdays blog post, share it in the comments. I would love to check it out :)

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