Monday, February 1, 2016

Music Monday: Bulgarian songs

Music Monday is created by Lauren at Always Me. Every week you choose one or two songs to share, video of the songs and your thoughts on the songs (or any other thoughts you have). More for the rules and how to participate you can find here.

I'm going to share with you some of my favorite songs from my own country - Bulgaria. I hope you'll like them, since they are pretty good in my opinion. Since I have too many favorites, next week I'll share another portion of Bulgarian songs.

Ice Cream - Захир is a really catchy song. It's not that new, but I really like it. It's very summery, good for dancing.

Ice Cream - Захир

Жана Бергендорф - Невъзможни сме сами is another of my favorite songs. It's quite new and the video is really good.

Жана Бергендорф - Невъзможни сме сами

And a huge bonus Стефка Съботинова - Притури се планината. This is one of my favorite Bulgarian folklore songs. I really hope you like it, since it's one of our most loved songs.

Стефка Съботинова - Притури се планината

Do you want more Bulgarian songs? Please, share your opinion!


  1. I don't really know what's being said in these songs, but I really enjoyed listening to them. Especially the folk song! I would love to hear more Bulgarian music! :)

    1. I was thinking about translating bits of the lyrics, but didn't. Next time I definitely will.
      I'm really happy that you liked the songs :)