Monday, February 8, 2016

Music Monday: Графа (Grafa - The Count)

Music Monday is created by Lauren at Always Me. Every week you choose one or two songs to share, video of the songs and your thoughts on the songs (or any other thoughts you have). More for the rules and how to participate you can find here.

Since I promised that I will share more Bulgarian music with you guys, today I'm here with me favorite Bulgarian singer - Графа. He has amazing songs - full of meaning, with awesome beat and he looks sexy as hell.

I've been on one of his concerts and he sings amazing live. And from what I've heard he is an amazing person, not only a performer.

A ton of great songs to choose from, so I will share my top three with you. If you like him - check out some of his other songs. He is awesome.

Графа - Седемте езера (The Seven Lakes)

Lyrics (only some of them):
Seasons come and go,
and you are somewhere far away.

Lost thoughts are chasing me,
deep down inside I tried to hide.

Look back at me,
listen how I scream without voice.
Where to go,
if there is no way for us?

Silent Seven Lakes,
invoke warm memories for us.

The Seven Lakes remind
about what we were.
And beyond voice of vanity
what we had...
Far from accuracy
what we had and what we lost!

Графа - Никой (Nobody)

Nobody can tell you where he's going
Only where he wishes to end up!

You act like wind in the desert
More beautiful than white nights,
You walk quietly towards me to embrace me.
All words are useless
To describe the world between us,
How we complete each other, how we love each other...

I can't live without you,
I am nobody without you.
The life is just a moment,
This moment is yours...

You're my faith,
You're my love...

In children's eyes I see you
Your reflection in which you laugh
I walk quietly to embrace you.
It makes sense in every minute
The love is not a scam
In this moment which is named "life"

Графа - Ако Има Рай (If there is a Heaven)

Don’t cry for me, don’t be lost in the darkness
I’ll be next to you but not in this world
Steal away for me an hour more to live
So I could be with you again

I’m asking myself “Why did this happen”?
Someone exchanged life with eternity

Only if there is a heaven I will be near there
To retrieve the memories, turned gray from the sorrow
Only if there is a heaven, I will scream loudly
Don’t cry for me, just turn me into a dream

Don’t cry for me, don’t die away in darkness
You have all life, here, in this world
But keep the memory of me, my love,
The time will come when I’ll be with you again

If there is a heaven, I’ll be there next to you

Wow, I really suck at translating lyrics...I hope you liked the songs though :)


  1. Great picks, Zhana! I'm so glad to hear more Bulgarian music. All of these song sounded great, but I think I liked Nobody the best - especially that music video which was so cool! Thanks for sharing the translated lyrics!

    1. I'm happy that you liked them. He is one of our most talented singers, so I'm glad to share his music :)