Thursday, July 23, 2015

#TBRTakedown 2.0 TBR

I've decided to participate in another read-a-thon! Yay!

I'm going to take part in the #TBRTakedown 2.0 which is from July 25 to July 31 and is being hosted by Shannon of leaninglights on Youtube. You can find the announcement video here. In the #TBRTakedown 2.0 you should choose books from your physical TBR shelves in order to complete five challenges:

1. First Book in a series
2. Sequel Book in a series
3. Out of your comfort zone (genre, author, reviews, etc)
4. On your shelf over a year (or the longest)
5. Most recently hauled book

And here are my picks...

"Dayghter of Smoke & Bone" series has been on my TBR for ages, but I've been waiting for all of the books to come out because I absolutely hate waiting. Now that I have all of the books in the trilogy I can finally read them.

"The Ice Dragon" is going to be the out of my comfort zone, since it's a middle grade book and I don't read those type of books often.

I've read a couple of books by John Green and I've only liked "The Fault in our Stars". I will give "Paper Towns" a chance because I want to watch the movie.

So, tha't what I'm hoping to read during this read-a-thon. Tell me in the comments if you are going to participate and if you have a blog post of your TBR leave me a link cause I'll be more than happy to check it out :)


  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone and its sequel sound really good! I'll have to check them out. Good luck on reading all these :)

    Cheryl @ I Heart Fictional People

    1. Thank you :) I've just started reading "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" and I'm liking it so far.