Monday, December 28, 2015

Music Monday: In a summery mood

Music Monday is created by Lauren at Always Me. Every week you choose one or two songs to share, video of the songs and your thoughts on the songs (or any other thoughts you have). More for the rules and how to participate you can find here.

This week I'm in a summery mood for no particular reason. I will share two songs that just make me happy and make me want to dance.

INNA - Yalla is rather new song and I've just found it this past week, so of course I listen to it non-stop. I like the beat, but I'm not loving the lyrics. Still, it's a really catchy song.

INNA - Yalla

My second choice is Roya - Lie, because when I hear it somewhere I always sing along. The video is plain awful, but at least the song is good...

Roya - Lie

If you've done Music Monday this week, share it with me :)


  1. I love Yalla- you're right, the beat is pretty awesome! Any idea what genre it's from?

    1. Not a clue :D
      It sounds a little bit Arabic...Whatever it is, it's really cool :)

  2. Inna, has a really interesting voice. I agree those lyrics are odd but the beat is really nice.
    Roya has a really sultry voice. I haven't heard of either of these singers before now. I will be looking at more of their music for sure. Thanks for sharing them. :)
    My Music Monday: Marie @ Pages to Explore

  3. I've never heard of either of these singers until now. I really like the sound of Inna's voice - and the video is very cool. I agree with you about Roya. Her look kind of reminds me of Ariana Grande...