Monday, December 7, 2015

Music Monday: Justin Bieber & Imany (Blogmas Day 7)

Music Monday is created by Lauren at Always Me. Every week you choose one or two songs to share, video of the songs and your thoughts on the songs (or any other thoughts you have). More for the rules and how to participate you can find here.

My first music pick for this week is Justin Bieber - "Sorry". I am not a fan of Justin as a person, but I can't deny that some of his songs are very catchy. This song has some hideous lyrics, but for some reason it's stuck in my head. I like the music and the lyrics video is just perfect (one of the reasons is that I don't have to watch Justin singing in it).

Justin Bieber - "Sorry"

My second choice is Imany vs Filatov & Karas - "Don't Be So Shy". I've never heard anything else by this artist, but this song I love. It's the perfect song for clubs, there is a little bit of trance sound in it. Not the perfect lyrics, but the music is heavenly. I can listen this song on repeat all day long.

Imany vs Filatov & Karas - "Don't Be So Shy"

I love music and finding new songs to love is something perfect, so if you've done Music Monday, share it with me. Any thoughts on the songs I shared?


  1. I also am not usually a Biebs fan (and yeah, he's a pretty awful person) but I must admit Sorry is pretty catchy, and it has a nice beat to it. I hadn't heard of the Imany song but it's very cool! Thanks for sharing. :) I also do Music Monday on my blog (––haven't posted mine for today yet, but it will be up very soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Zhana! I really like the sound of Don't Be Shy. I've never heard of the artist, but I'll look out for more by them. Not so sold on Justin Bieber, but I will admit Sorry is catchy. :)