Monday, December 21, 2015

Music Monday: Sometimes listening is not enough (Blogmas Day 21)

Music Monday is created by Lauren at Always Me. Every week you choose one or two songs to share, video of the songs and your thoughts on the songs (or any other thoughts you have). More for the rules and how to participate you can find here.

I love listening to music, but I also enjoy my fair share of AMVs. This week I was watching  some of my favorites and decided to share two of them with all of you.

SPOILER! sssShawnnnn - Pizza Rolls is pretty hardcore so some of you may not be able to listen it until the end. This is actually a mashup of 53 different songs and the AMV consists of 40 different anime. I've heard this song for the first time during an anime convention and it was really catchy, so of course I had to find it on youtube. Enjoy!

If your ears start bleeding, you've been warned!

sssShawnnnn - Pizza Rolls

My second choice is Not Literally - I Ship It, because ship happens all the time, am I right? It's a parody so don't take the song too seriously. It's definitely a funny AMV to watch, so enjoy it!

Not Literally - I Ship It

And a little bonus song as a surprise. I like it so much that it became my ringtone! I find it really relaxing, so give it a try.

Flume - Warm Thoughts

If you've done Music Monday this week, share it with me. Did you enjoy any of the AMVs posted? Or at least the songs? Don't be too shocked by the first one!


  1. I don't really play that kind of shows but I do have to say the first song isn't to bad. Please feel free to stop by and see my Music Monday here:

  2. Not Literally - I Ship It is my favorite of the three. I'm not even really into shipping, but that is pretty funny. I see what you mean about Flume - Warm Thoughts being relaxing. Pizza Rolls isn't my favorite, but I didn't think it was as intense as that.

    Thanks again for taking part!! :)

    1. I just had to warn, since when I play it people leave the room :D Thank you for creating such an awesome meme!