Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blogging Schedule 2016

New year, new schedule...or at least I hope I will follow this one.

Since the beginning of the year I was wondering what I can do in order to make my blog better. And since writing is not my forte I decided that the least I can do is to blog regularly and have some exciting new features. I will keep the old ones, don't you worry...

As usual I will join all the other bloggers for
  • Musing Mondays
  • Music Monday
  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Top 5 Wednesday
  • Book Traveling Thursdays
Keep in mind that I will skip some of the memes if I have nothing to offer on a certain topic.

As for the rest of my blogging schedule, I will do tags on a regular basis on Fridays and will post reviews, whenever I feel like it.

Now, for my new features...
  • Library Hunt - as some of you may know, I really like going to the library and getting too much books from there. In this feature I will share with you my library finds, whenever I take a huge amount of books from there.
  • Book Vs. Movie - in this feature I will share my thoughts on books and their movie or TV series or whatever adaptations. This feature will be up on Saturdays if I have something to share.
  • Discussions - this is not going to be a regular feature, but I will try my best.

So, these are my plans as far as my blogging schedule goes.

Do you have any comments? Are you excited for any of my new features? Please, leave your feedback in the comments...


  1. Library Hunt sounds so cool! I'm going to love that one. Same with the book vs. movie feature. Are you going to be doing one for the Shadowhunters TV show? I'm the same way with the weekly features. I only post if I have something to offer.

    Best of luck to your new schedule!

    Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!

    1. Thank you ^.^
      I'm not sure about the Shadowhunters TV series, since I was not thrilled by the trailer and can't say I liked the books very much :D