Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bout of Books TBR

Bout of Books
Bout of Books read-a-thon is starting tomorrow! Yay!

The read-a-thon runs from 4th to 10th of January and I'm hoping to read quite a lot of books, but we'll see how it goes. 

Without any further ado, here is my TBR for the Bout of Books!

"The King's Curse" (The Cousins' War #6) by Philippa Gregory
It's the last book in the series and I would like to read it ASAP.

"The Beastly Arms" by Patrick Jennings
It's short and I have to return it to the library sooner rather than later, so I'm going to read it during this read-a-thon.

"Brother Grimm" (Jan Fabel #2) by Craig Russell
I read the first book in December and it was interesting. Hopefully this one won't disappoint me.

"All the Bright Places" by Jennifer Niven
This book is well loved and it sounds like my cup of tea...and it's been on my TBR since it came out, so it's finally time to conquer it.

Are you participating in Bout of Books read-a-thon? Share a link to your TBR in the comments, I would love to check it out!


  1. Great list! I've heard some really great things about All The Bright Places. I hope you like it too. Hopefully I will FINALLY read it some time this year! Good luck with Bout of Books 15! :D

  2. I'm not participating, but I am really interested in hearing more about "The Beastly Arms." The cover looks intriguing and I have never heard of it before. Good Luck!

    1. I'll be sure to write a review about it as soon as I read it :)

  3. I'm also not participating in Bout of Books this time (because worried about reaching goals and stuff xD ) but good luck to you!! Hope you enjoy those books - I know I especially want to read All the Bright Places :)

    1. Thank you ^.^ I won't reach my goal of reading those books I think, but I'm willing to try and fail :D

  4. I'm not participating in Bout of Books this time (due to doing so horribly on my last read-a-thon). I do wish you all the luck and I can't wait to hear what you think of all these books. Especially All the Bright Places since I've been hearing some mixed reviews on it.


    1. I'm really hoping to like it ^.^ Review will be up as soon as I read it...but I don't even know if I'll be able to finish it before the end of the read-a-thon, since my current read is 680 pages :D